August 24 - September 3, 2019


Schloss Weikersheim

97990  Weikersheim



What is the principle of this course?
The most important aspect is that you can calmly work on your personal issues with all the instructors. There are no external listeners admitted in the course and only the final concert is open for the public.

What is the principle of the instructors?
All of the instructors have experience with team-teaching and know each other from having worked together . Mutual respect is the basis of their collaboration.

Are all instructors present for the entire duration of the course?
To avoid putting excessive demands on the participants, the attendance of instructors is staggered:
Hedwig Fassbender: present for 11 Days
Fausto Nardi: present for 11 Days
René Massis: present for 11 Days
Enrico Maria Cacciari: present for 9 Days
Anette Berg: present for 10 Days

Who decides who will attend the course?
The instructors will carefully examine all received applications together. In the case that an applicant is not accepted to the course, a short written explanatory statement will be sent as reply.

Why must I write a letter of motivation?
The instructors would like to accept only those young artists, who are explicitly interested in the method of working offered at this course.

Who should write my letter of recommendation?
The instructors will accept letters of recommendation written by private teachers, coaches, conductors, ect.

What should I expect in working on vocal technique in this course?
Course participants will be able to decide how intensely they would like to work on vocal/piano- technique.

How many arias or roles should I prepare?
Please prepare your customary audition package with 5-10 arias. You may also bring an entire role including recitatives. We expect perfect preparation - all arias must be memorized!

Do the collaborative pianists accompany singers during the course?
The collaborative pianist participants will alternate in accompanying during the course as well as during the workshop-concert in Frankfurt.

Where will the concert take place?
The workshop-concert will take place in the “Haus am Dom” in Frankfurt. Agents and theater representatives will be invited. Website

Are there rooms to warm up and practice in the academy?
There are sufficient rooms available.

Other questions?:
Please send an email to the instructor’s team under


Schloss Weikersheim


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