Laboratory of Excellence Voice // Opera
"The Finishing Touch" - "Prepare Your Season"

is a first-rate offer for young artists on the path to career success. This intensive course offers a new format for the dissemination of skills and expertise in conjunction with highly qualified specialists who have decades of career experience. These instructors help distinguished young musicians to hone their artistic personality profile. Thus, the young artists will be able to capably, confidently, and recognizably perform in the music industry of today. The course offers a meaningful integration of its contents, is carefully tailored to the needs of each participant, and is thus focused on the personal development of each young artist. As a "finishing touch" of the young artist's training, this course aims to significantly and vitally increase the young artist's occupational outlook. Mutual respect and an open and appreciative style of communication remain an integral part of format of the course.

Target Group:
  • Singers in their first career years, advanced voice students, as well as prize-winners of national and international singing competitions
  • Pianists who are studying accompanying, as well as young pianist-coaches currently in career preparation
  • Individual analysis of artistic development on the first day
  • Determination of personal curriculum
  • 3-4 daily lessons for each participant
  • Daily analysis of progress in collective dialogue
  • Mental and performance training in group and single lessons
  • Public workshop-concert to which agents and artistic directors will be invited
  • Individual interview to access development at the end of course with instructors
1. Style - Technique
  • Style of German Repertoire
  • Style of the Baroque and of Mozart
  • Style of French Repertoire
  • Style of Italian Bel-Canto
  • Technique for Singers: clarification of breath and issues of singing technique
  • Technique for Pianists: dealing with hours of heavy orchestra-playing
2. Development of the Artist's Personality Profile
For Singers:
  • Clarification of the Singer's Artistic Profile
  • Appropriate Choice of Roles and An Effective Audition Package
  • Study of Entire Roles and/or Selected Audition Arias
  • Fine-tuning of Technique and Style
  • Mental and Performance Training
For Pianists:
  • Artistic duty of the pianist, collaboration methods when working with singers
  • Solidity in Stylistic Skills
  • Security in Musical Dramaturgy
  • Effective Simulation of the Orchestra at the Piano
  • Success and Efficiency in Coaching with Singers
  • Mental and Performance Training
3. Entry into the Profession
  • Mental Training
  • Performance Training
  • The daily grind of the theater
  • Career Advice
  • Application documents


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